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So you adore cats, you’ve picked up your new friend from the shelter, you love him, he has a forever home, you both get cuddles. Everything’s perfect, right? Or maybe not. Has he peed on the rug yet? Or maybe up a nice white wall? Has he done it somewhere but you just can’t figure out where? Cat spraying and peeing is a massive problem for indoor cat owners. So many of us buy expensive and comfortable litter trays only to find our kitty doing its business everywhere but the litter box. So what can you do about it? Cat Spraying No More might be the answer you’re looking for.

My cat Andrew hasn’t always been the wandering adventurer that he is today. He now prefers to go outside and find a quiet spot for some me time but when we first brought him into our home he was a little less considerate. He’d go for a tinkle just about anywhere he pleased and it was incredibly frustrating.

But don’t despair. You’re not the first to be in this situation and you definitely won’t be the last. There are a few obvious things you can try to prevent your cat soiling the carpet and I’ve compiled a great checklist into a downloadable eBook for your convenience. Just put your email address in and you’ll receive an email with a link to download our great advice.

I know that these methods can work because I have friends who swear by them and I know they’re telling the truth because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. But with Andrew nothing seemed to work and I was resigned to the daily ritual of cleaning up after him. The effect it has on your life shouldn’t be underestimated. Cat urine/spray is incredibly pungent, and no matter how hard you try to mask the odor there’s always a lingering trace that makes it embarrassing to invite guests over.

In desperation I turned to the Internet and to my surprise I found there was a course designed specifically to deal with this problem. I downloaded the course and within a week my problem was completely solved. I’m going to share with you below what I thought of the course.

Cat Spraying No More Review

Of course I was skeptical at first. The Cat Spraying No More course makes some bold claims. These include:

  • Stop your cat spraying and peeing outside their litter box forever
  • Improve your cat’s mood making it calm and contented
  • Help you make massive savings on expensive and toxic cleaning products
  • Improve your own life by lowering your stress level
  • Give you the freedom to leave the house without worrying what you might come back to

The Basics

This guide was created by an SPCA veterinary technician called Sarah Richards in response to her own problems toilet-training her cat Timmy. She learned the techniques contained in the guide from a cat behaviorist who was able to tell her what she should and shouldn’t do when trying to train her cat.

cat spraying no moreThe guide contains the following information:

  • How to discover exactly why your cat is peeing outside the litter box
  • Proven methods for making sure your cat uses the litter box
  • A natural herbal mix that will help to make sure your cat stops peeing in inappropriate places PERMANENTLY.
  • Information on how to use your cat’s instincts to make sure they pee in the litter box
  • How to manage stress in your pet which can often be the root cause of this behavior
  • How to tell if your cat’s problem is behavioral or whether there might be a medical issue
  • A killer rule for setting up the litter box
  • Real world examples of how she used these methods to solve her own problem
  • 4 completely natural, HERBAL REMEDIES proven to stop cats from peeing in unwanted places (plus a step-by-step guide on how to implement them correctly)
  • A strange trick that will actively encourage your cat to WANT to use the litter box
  • What you SHOULDN’T do when dealing with your cat’s peeing problem

So what’s included in the purchase price? As well as the main eBook focusing on cat spraying and peeing, you also receive four bonus items.

Bonus 1: Cat Training Manual eBook

This contains a whole bunch of useful information on the best way to train your cat

Bonus 2: 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat app

This app is a great alternative source for feline nutritional information if you’d like to give your cat a change of diet

Bonus 3: The Cat Care Blueprint eBook

I enjoyed this most of all. Packed with cat care hints and tips, direct from an animal healthcare specialist. Invaluable.

Bonus 4: Pet Medical Recorder Software

This is a handy tool for keeping track of things like worming treatments, jabs, vert appointments and lots more.

Does It Work

For the majority of you out there it boils down to this: does Cat Spraying No More actually work? I have to say that, in my case, yes it absolutely did. The methods outlined in the main eBook definitely opened my eyes, not only to potential solutions to the problem but to the underlying causes.

Some of the methods described in the eBook are things you should be doing whether your cat is peeing in the wrong place or not. The advice on making your cat’s litter box inviting for example is very good in that it forces you to rethink many aspects that you might have overlooked. Your cat may be avoiding the box for many reasons. Is it placed next to a source of noise? Does your cat feel trapped by its placement in a corner? There are so many things that you must learn to think about from the cat’s perspective. This eBook comprehensively covers all of them.

It’s also very good at explaining the various factors that might be causing your cat to become stressed. An environment that feels perfectly acceptable for a human being may be full of stressful hazards for a cat. One thing I can share from my own experience is that Andrew absolutely hated the vacuum cleaner, and its proximity to his litter box caused him stress.  

I found the advice on using herbal repellents interesting but ultimately it didn’t have much effect in my situation. It’s obviously a technique that will work with some cats and not others. Andrew seemed completely indifferent to the various concoctions that he encountered.

One of the most useful aspects of this course dealt with how NOT to deal with your cat peeing and spraying. It seems obvious but an already stressed cat is not going to react well to your frustration. There’s also some invaluable information on how best to react to a cat that’s made a mess. It’s not what I was expecting to read.


I have to say that I can only recommend this guide. Not only did it solve the problem with my cat but it provided me with much more. The bonus items were unexpected but proved to be very useful. The cat care guide and recipe app were particularly good. But the basic aim here is to prevent unwanted spraying and peeing. I can honestly say that it achieved this within two weeks of adopting the methods described.

It’s true that not every method was a bulls-eye. I don’t think there’s any 100 percent proven technique that works with every animal. They’re all different after all, just like people. But there’s a great variety of information in this guide, allowing you to combine different methods to come up with something that works for you. If you’re living the nightmare of a spraying/peeing cat you simply have to try this.

This Program Is Available NOW!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Click here now to gain instant access to this life-changing program. If you order now you can try it RISK FREE for 60 days, or your money back. What are you waiting for?