Best Self Cleaning Litter Box: A Comparison

cat genie
No matter how much we all love our furry, feline friends, there’s one thing that none of us likes dealing with: the dreaded litter box. It’s something you may not have to deal with if you have an outdoor cat, but for all those...

Do Cats Fart? Your Questions Answered

cat flatulence
If you’re a cat owner the chances are that you already know the answer to this one: do cats fart? The short answer is that yes cats can and often do fart. Dogs are well known for their bouts of unpleasant flatulence, especially as...

Human Foods That Cats Can Eat: Top 10

human foods that cats can eat
From time to time we all fall victim to that plaintiff cry as we eat dinner. It's difficult to resist that adorable stare that follows every forkful of food into your mouth. So we cave and we feed our cat a tidbit from our...
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pixie bob

Pixie Bob – Meet The Domestic Bobcat

With one of the cutest names for a cat, the Pixie Bob will capture your heart while making you wonder: is this really a domestic cat? Named...

Ocicat – Wild Looks, Great Personality

At first look, you may be convinced that this cat has escaped from the ocelot exhibit at the zoo. Despite indications of its name, the Ocicat is...
cat food ingredients

A Quick Guide to Cat Food Ingredients

Introduction Here at we've written about the foods you can and can't feed to your cat. It can often be a struggle to work through all of...
chausie cat

Chausie – The Exotic Jungle Cat Hybrid

One of the largest domestic cats, the Chausie, a nondomestic hybrid source breed, is a mix of jungle cat and domestic cat. If you ever wanted a...
cat peeing outside litter box

Cat Spraying No More – Review

Click here now to gain instant access to this life-changing program. If you order now you can try it RISK FREE for 60 days, or your money...