cat flatulence

Do Cats Fart? Your Questions Answered

If you’re a cat owner the chances are that you already know the answer to this one: do cats fart? The short answer is that yes cats...
funny cat names

Are These The UK’s Greatest Cat Names?

What's in a name? You might well ask and our friends over at Co-operative Pet Insurance have been doing some research. Specifically they've been looking at what...
human foods that cats can eat

Human Foods That Cats Can Eat: Top 10

From time to time we all fall victim to that plaintiff cry as we eat dinner. It's difficult to resist that adorable stare that follows every forkful...
cat clothes

6 Cat Clothes You Need In Your Life

Look, we get it. You’re a cat nut. We understand. You’re sitting there right now reading so we know you’re a cat nut. But what about...
black cat

National Black Cat Day

If you're a cat person and you've looked at social media today at some point, it can't have escaped your attention that we're celebrating Black Cat Day. I...
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