Selecting a cat drinking fountain can be a daunting prospect if you’re not familiar with the various features of this type of device. The huge selection of brands and models makes it feel like whatever you choose there will always be something slightly better that you’ve missed out on. The Drinkwell Platinum may just be the fountain you’ve been waiting for.

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The first thing to note about the Drinkwell Platinum is that it’s a standalone unit. That’s to say you don’t need to hook it into the mains water supply to keep the water flowing. Instead it uses a massive 1.3 gallon (166 ounces) water tank to keep your puss supplied with inviting fresh water on demand.

The supply tank is fitted with a convenient lid which snaps into place to prevent it being removed by accident. This also prevents airborne contaminants from settling in the water tank resulting in cleaner drinking water.

drinkwell platinum pet fountainSpeaking of water quality, this unit comes supplied with both a filter and pre-filter. The pre-
filter is of a coarser grain to trap larger items of debris before they reach the pump and cause damage. The charcoal filters are a lot finer and do a great job of removing odor and unpleasant tasted from the water.

The Drinkwell Platinum features a new submersible pump which results in a less noisy product although there’s still some noise. It’s well known that some cats can be wary of running water. This unit acknowledges that by including a flow control feature which allows you to adjust the flow of water to better suit your pet.

The unit is 11 x 16 x 10.5 inches in size which makes it on the large side compared to competing devices. However it’s still fairly easy to place in a corner or against a wall where your cat will feel safe while drinking. You can tuck the cord away from view using the “cord tuck” feature to prevent your cat from damaging it and there’s an inlaid ramp which breaks the flow of water to prevent splashing.

This Drinkwell Platinum fountain is really easy to disassemble for cleaning. The various components are dishwasher safe and the plastic construction means that you can remove any deposits with simple soap and hot water. However, if you find there are any stubborn marks you should try soaking the components in a vinegar solution before washing.

  • Large 1.3 gallon/166 ounce capacity
  • Standalone unit. No difficult setup or hook ups to the water mains.
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • For indoor use only
  • Included AC power supply has a long 6ft cord
  • No complicated assembly
  • Low voltage 12V transformer
  • You can tuck the cord out of the way using “cord tuck” feature
  • Water flow can be adjusted
  • Splash board “ramp” prevents splashing
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning
  • Molded spout reduces water braiding
  • Charcoal filters remove unpleasant tastes and odors
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Really simple setup and operation
  • Well designed
  • Generally quiet although can be a little noisy in high flow mode
  • Sturdy construction
  • Large 1.3 gallon (166 ounce) capacity
  • Disassembles easily for cleaning
  • Isn’t too intimidating
  • Power cord is 6ft long
  • Filters keep water fresh and free from unpleasant odors and flavors
  • Stable base so won’t tip over easily
  • The pump is submersible which dulls the noise it makes, but it’s still audible
  • Requires a weekly deep clean i.e. take it apart and clean it thoroughly.
  • It can be difficult to clean every single corner of the unit
  • Once full, it can be tricky to reattach the reservoir
  • Filters require frequent changes
  • Filters can be expensive
  • Filter motor could deter more skittish cats
Hints and Tips
  • It is beneficial to completely empty and refill the unit on a weekly basis
  • Ensure that the unit is running at full capacity otherwise the pump will make a noise
  • Deep cleaning the unit not only ensures good hygiene but prolongs the life of the Drinkwell Platinum
  • An absorbent mat is a great way to protect your floor from spills and it also helps to reduce the noise from the motor
  • Set up the unit’s timer to make sure it doesn’t run all night
Drinkwell Platinum Fountain In Action


Automatic drinking fountains can be something of a stab in the dark. There are so many subtle factors at play, many of which are known only to your cat.

My cat Andrew has been known to drink from a dripping faucet so I had high hopes for this fountain. The main problem with this, and with any large, new piece of equipment, is the novelty factor. It may take several days for your cat to become accustomed to this strange new contraption that’s suddenly appeared in the middle of his territory.

Andrew soon got over his apprehension and, after I’d adjusted the flow to a slightly lower rate, he happily used the fountain. He doesn’t tend to have prolific drinking habits but he definitely drank more from the Drinkwell Platinum than from a regular water bowl

Even though it had the thumbs up from Andrew, there are some issues to consider with the Drinkwell Platinum. It requires weekly cleaning and maintenance to keep it clean, working and to prolong the life of the unit. The weekly deep clean can be challenging as there are some hard to reach areas.

The noise from this unit isn’t terrible, but on the high flow setting it’s definitely noticeable and may be off-putting for more nervous cats. All in all a decent unit for the money but with some flaws.

I’d recommend this cat water fountain for pets who habitually lick water from a faucet or tap. If your cat is already used to running water then they’ll have no problems adjusting to this. If your cat is of a more nervous disposition or is easily scared by noise it might be more challenging. That doesn’t mean they won’t adapt over time but it may require a bit more training to get full use of the Drinkwell Platinum.