Two little kittens were born five days early and just half the size of a normal newborn, but the tiny siblings stuck together and fought to get bigger and stronger every day.
Meet Peterweets (tabby) and Pattycake (tuxedo)!

National Kitten Coalition

The feline babies were found in a rural area. They were so tiny that they were about the size of a chapstick. Pattycake weighed just 1.8 ounces (51 grams) and Peterweets 2.1 ounces (59.5 grams).

Knowing how critical it was to get the kittens the proper help they needed, their rescuers found Susan Spaulding, co-founder of National Kitten Coalition, who knew exactly what the babies needed to thrive.

“They were turned in to a very small rural shelter here in North Carolina. Some wonderful rescuers that volunteer there wanted to save them and a colleague recommended they contact me,” Susan told Cat Concerns.

The kittens made their debut to the world five days too early. “Every day a kitten is premature is equal to a week of prematurity for a human.”

National Kitten Coalition

“The challenge is not the actual size per se, but that the internal organs and systems have not had time to fully mature in the womb…lungs and digestive system are particularly vulnerable. Their immune systems are immature which makes them more prone to infections.”

Susan used an incubator and supplemental oxygen as well as dilute formula to stabilize the babies for the first few days.

National Kitten Coalition

These teeny tiny kittens have the heart of a lion. They finished every meal like a champ and fought hard to get bigger each day.

In just one week, they doubled their size, 4 ounces (113 grams) each.

“I always wonder why some thrive and pull through while we lose others,” Susan told Cat Concerns.

“These little ones were rescued immediately so did not become chilled or dehydrated, then cared for properly until they could get to me, then we had all the supplies and protocols ready for them as well as a well trained caregiver…probably some good genes in there, too.”

National Kitten Coalition

“I also sincerely believe that TLC, i.e., touch, love, positive environment makes a difference with all these tiny ones. It is definitely a labor of love, but worth every second of it.

“Even if you lose them, you know you have given them every chance possible and they knew warmth, comfort and love. Fostering saves lives, and orphans have little or no chance without it.”

National Kitten Coalition

Once the kittens started gaining weight, they began to thrive.

It’s been two months since Susan took them into her care. Little Peterweets has caught up in size and is more playful than ever.

National Kitten Coalition

Pattycake the little curious tuxedo is growing by leaps and bounds.

National Kitten Coalition

The siblings are almost ready for their next chapter in life–a forever home where they will be loved and cherished.

Peterweets and Pattycake have come a long way from teeny miniature babies to now bundles of joy!

National Kitten Coalition

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