When Tonya May went to rescue a feline family from a kill shelter, a tiny calico kitten snuggled up to her, asking for cuddles.

His name is Cohen, and he’s a rare male calico, but how big does a calico cat get?

Supplied by Tonya May

A furry family of six (a mama and five kittens) were saved by the Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida a few weeks ago from an uncertain fate.

The scrawny mama cat was spotted on Fort Lauderdale Beach (Florida). Two weeks later, she and her babies found themselves at Animal Control and were in need of rescue.

“Sweet Momma Ocee had a rough life and had a sharp animal claw stuck in her eye and was only three pounds. She gave birth to five tiny kittens,” Tonya, foster mom, told Cat Concerns.

When Tonya went to pick up the furry family, she was surprised by mama’s tiny lookalike.

Supplied by Tonya May

The little calico kitten is in fact a boy – a rare gem!

For every 3,000 calico cats, roughly one is a boy. That’s approximately .03 percent.

At the time of rescue his eyes were shut by an infection, but he still tried to cuddle with Tonya. “Within minutes of taking them, Cohen was the one who wanted cuddles.”

Supplied by Tonya May

Little Cohen is the runt of the litter but he has a big heart and so much to give.

The sweet calico boy loves his human dad and will cling to him whenever he gets a chance.

Supplied by Tonya May

“It took them about 3-4 weeks to get better from an upper respiratory infection and coccidia,” Tonya told Love Meow.

Cohen couldn’t open his eyes for days. Once his eyes were cleared up, he went straight to his foster mom for a kiss.

Supplied by Tonya May

After many sleepless nights and hard work, the family of six were nursed back to health.

Momma Ocee gives her babies unconditional love and hasn’t left their side. Though she’s still very shy around humans, her babies are great comfort to her and keep her spirit up every day.

Supplied by Tonya May

The calico boy is a cuddle bug with an outgoing purrsonality. He already knows his name, can climb a cat tree in record time, and has been quite the chatterbox since he figured out how to meow.

“They are now healthy and Cohen, Momma and his two siblings (Barton and Bilson) are still available for adoption.”

Supplied by Paola Paladini Pet Photography

“Cohen is 10 weeks today. He now weighs two pounds, one pound behind his siblings. Mama is around 5 pounds now (from 3 lbs),” Tonya shared with Love Meow.

The tiny calico boy has blossomed thanks to a second chance at life. He can’t wait to find his forever human who he will cling to and cuddle with every day.

Supplied by Paola Paladini Pet Photography

Cohen and his feline family are looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting, click here for more info. Follow updates of these adorable kitties on Good Karma Pet Rescue’s Facebook page.

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